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Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2016

Verified Purchase

UPDATE: 7/3/17. Bought this back in May 2015 after 2 years the unit is completely dead.

Dash cam had been working fine for approximately 6 months then it began re-starting randomly, then to re-starting routinely to the point that it no longer records. The camera could not get to the recording phase after it re-starts itself. I have a Honda Odyssey minivan and purchase this for the purpose of keeping an eye on the rear after we have to go through a rear end accident on the không tính tiềnway with our old car. But with this resetting/re-starting the whole camera system is useless. I think it would have been better off with having two separate cameras instead. Contacted Vico in New York, sent in my camera, they were able to experience same resetting episodes that I have been going through. They found out it was the rear camera wire has been causing it. They returned my entire camera set instead of replacing me a new one and included a new wire for the rear camera. Fast forward to 4 months later, the same problem of resetting but not as bad as before… It still restarts randomly which now makes me think to get another brand or contact them again for new set of wires

Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2015

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Verified Purchase

I have owned an older version of VIcovation’s front only dash cam and have never had any issues with it. The dash cam was made with good quality fit and functions, great product support for SW updates and questions, so I upgraded to their latest M5 recently.

The install took longer as the M5 is a front and rear dash cam cài đặt. The same good quality of fit and functions with optional accessories, which I did not need nor purchase at the moment. The front dash cam did recently experience power resetting issues so Vicovation’s support was contacted. Soon after, I was contacted with troubleshooting basis follow by a firmware update to no success in resolving the issue. Quickly after their support contact, I was provided with instructions to send for a replacement unit. I have since installed and am using the replacement unit and so far so good. Great support and quick service from this vendor.

Update: After another kiêng dèxperience with the front camera issue, I was told they need to ship my unit out to the factory to have it repaired (a month plus job). After the return of my unit, now the rear cam is broken/disable and no long working. Service request was sợ hãimailed to vendor and its tech support with no response for weeks now.

Looks like I’ll be back in the market for a new front and rear cam cài đặt and will not be doing business with VicoVation this time. It’s a shame that I had higher hopes for a $300+ purchase and it did not live up to that hope.

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2016

Verified Purchase

It’s a good dashcam qulaity-wise, but not as good as the wheel witness pro (which is not a dual dashcam).
It’s disappointing that GPS is not included for that price, compare with the cheaper Spytec K1S (dual HD, GPS, and concealed screen).
Also, the rear facing camera image cannot be flipped upside down (K1S can do that), so it has to be mounted the right way up.
I found the mounting hardware awkward actually, hoảng sợspecially with the plastic bit sticking out the rear cam, and the fact that it’s probably not weather proof, so it should be mounted inside your car.

The main unit is big, which may not be ideal for a windshield.

Honestly, while the picture quality was somewhat better than Spytec K1S, I preferred the Spytec due to how it can be mounted and the smaller cameras. Spytec K1S also being cheaper and including GPS didn’t hurt 🙂

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Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2015

Verified Purchase

This product worked well for the first 6 months and I was impressed with the quality of the video. this past month the camera would turn off and on continuously and sometimes not at all. It would turn off while my car was moving. Because it works intermittently I can’t rely on this product to help protect me. I am disappointed that I only got 6 solid months of use of the camera before it just stopped working. Very ngạixpensive for such a short product life.

Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2015

Verified Purchase

I got three dash cams for Christmas. Two are budget dash cams and this one. Right away I put a 65 gig card in mine and used the 32 gig card that came with it in another camera. Here is the deal with this one. Screen sucks, could be brighter. Even the budget dash cams, A118 and mini 803 have better screens, however you need a magnifying glass to see those two making them almost worthless. If you bring the Marcus 5 indoors, the screen is great and very clear, just not so much in the sunlight outside in the daytime. Next is that there is no mic button to mute the mic, you have to go into the settings to turn the audio off. The other Marcus cams have that button, but on this one, where the button should be, is another button that lets you switch from front camera to rear camera, I guess that they had to sacrifice the mic button for the front to rear view camera button. Another thing is, it’s big. What I did is I ordered a spare window mount with the sticky pad and got rid of the suction cup. It is basically the same mount used for the rear camera which is very small. Then I used the quick release mount connected to the little window sticky thing, hard to kinh hãixplain, but I did make it smaller. I also am using the lens that takes out the glare of the dash, that works really great. As for the video, DAMN! Really really great. Both front and back cameras, day and night, no street lights, snow storms and its fun to watch your vehicle go though the car wash, crystal clear video, its amazing that all these conditions and you get video like this. The mic is a really good microphone, so the audio is very good. I am going to give this a 5 star rating sợven though there is some little quirks, size and the screen on it. Also, I put this camera in a Ford Expedition Extended Length SUV. The rear camera wire made it all the way to the back, so it fit. That wire is 20 feet long.

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